Film Transfer Services

Spirits-400Using DFT/Thomson Spirit Telecines for Hi Definition transfers to digital media, Telecine Services can make any film look as good as it can be.

We transfer your film library to hard drives in any format- ProRes, DNxHD, AVI, or any others.

Our Spirits feature Primary and Secondary Color Correction so faded or discolored films are no problem for us.

We can transfer your Super 8 film to High Definition on our Spirit for absolutely the best transfer possible.

Our Shadow Telecine is equipped with Regular 8 transfer featuring our proprietary technology.

Your film can be transferred with our proprietary wet-gate system to visually hide scratches and other defects in your film.

All-in-all, we are equipped with the best of current technology to bring your archival library to any digital file.

Vintage RCA Two-Inch Transfers

TR600 400Now online- two perfect RCA TR-600 2-inch Quad machines. These beautifully restored low-hour machines are ready now for your two-inch archival tape collections..Two Inch is also known as Quad or Quadraplex.

Quad was the original professional videotape format for broadcast. These huge tapes hold viable video content on them which can be transferred to modern formats. Your old two inch content is still valuable.

There are not many facilities that can still handle this format, and we are on the short list. Call for technical considerations.