Bill wrote: SLOW DOWN! I cant keep up with all the fabulous obscure movies youve uploaded here! Seriously, keep up the great work, all of these obscure oddities are FABULOUS! When I first saw the feature films section, I thought it was going to be nothing but time-worn copyright free movies that are available from every fly by night video company imaginable. But seeing stuff like the amazing Captain Calamity makes me realize you are truly doing something SPECIAL here. Is your mandate to put lesser-known copyright free movies here? Just wondering.

skip-elsheimer-200Skip Elsheimer replies: Actually the films being uploaded at this point are public domain features from the collection of Charlie Churchman. Ive picked a couple of features based on their subject matter or possible popularity. We hope to have over 500 features online within the next couple of months. Enjoy!

Bill: First, a big thank you for the work you are doing here, and to whom ever made this collection available. Can you tell us a little more about the Charlie Churchman Collection, and what you are doing to get these wonderful old films into digital format? Is the collection in film or tape? If tape, are you doing the transfers? Which mpeg tools are you using?

Skip: Charlie Churchman runs a film transfer house near Philadelphia. Over the years, hes been transferring 16mm and 35mm public domain features to one inch video and Beta SP. I digitize the video to MPEG-2 with a high-quality MPEG-2 video card (Digital Rapids DRC-500). I edit the files with Womble Multimedias MPEG-VCR software. In the future, Ill be doing some of the film to MPEG-2 transfers myself. I have a large collection of educational films that Id like to get online at some point.