Prelinger-400Back from a week in New York rummaging through the archives to pull films for a whopping big transfer to videotape (some of these films will one day appear on the moviearchive site) and to select material for future production use, for which you are requested to please stay tuned. Its an exhilarating, though rather dusty, experience to dig into the corners -- found stuff Id not known we had and even a few titles lost since the late 1980s, like the legendary lost film introducing high-school age applicants to Michigan State University, Postmark East Lansing.

Brought all this material down to Charlie Churchman, who does our film-to-tape transfers in a remodeled barn full of high-tech transfer equipment located just outside Philadelphia. Grateful thanks to my generous hosts who restructured their living situations to put me up while I was in NY: Carrie McLaren, Greg Allen and Johanna Fateman.
June 17, 2002